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There's nothing like a One-of-a-Kind wall piece, or custom home good. We make every piece to go with your home's own unique flavor and style.
The pricing of these items can vary quiet a bit depending on sizing, the prices shown reflect sizes shown here. We can go much larger than shown, if we want something that really is the centerpiece of any room!

Prices listed are Approximate, and can go above or below depending on your needs and budget

Picture Frames (8x10)


Family Name Hangers w/ hide


Hanging Letters / Brands 

 (20-24 in tall depending on letter/ Brand) $250-$350
(32-36 in tall depending on letter/ Brand) $350-$450

Customized Knife Block

(Price only reflects leatherwork does not include block)

Table Mats

 $75-$200 a Piece
(Higher quantities may drop price)

Valet Trays/ Remote Trays


If you're interested in placing a custom order, visit the 

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