Placing an Order

Are you interested in placing a custom order with us?

Here's How! 

🌵Be sure to browse around our website to get some inspiration for your piece!

🌵Then, when you have your wants, wishes, ideas, and budget gathered...

🌵 Call or text us!  🌵

(951) 425-7737


🐄We will discuss different options, pricing, and designing your custom Piece!


***Deposits are required to secure your spot on our list (roughly half down)

******If you text, OR get our Voicemail  - PLEASE leave as many details regarding your order as possible, so we can give you the most accurate quote we can!



We work with budgets all the time! We can Adjust the sizing of tooling, the amount of tooling, shift things around, simplify designs, and get creative to give you the best, and bad ass piece we can! -with whatever budget you may have!  


If you can't find a specific item, would like to make a special request for an item we currently do not make, or change up the dimensions of an item- Feel free to contact us! We love making custom Pieces!