Design your own Gift Program


Our “Design your own Gift” program works just like a gift card. Only better!

Step 1) The gifter (you) selects the item you want to gift to someone!

          We will discuss pricing options, and a rough idea of what they might want. You pay the deposit (appx. half) and your spot in line will be saved!

Step 2) You will Receive a M.I.B. goodie bag!  

          This comes with a keychain, sticker, pamphlet and certificate, letting the recipient know they get to design their own custom piece! (This way they still have something to open)

Step 3) They contact us directly to customize their own piece exactly how THEY WANT!

          ***You can be present, or place the finalized order *this does not HAVE to be them.
Step4 ) Proceed like a normal order!
          We will complete the project, send photos, and when you’re both happy with it, we will put it in the mail and send it off to you!
IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the “Design your own gift” program.
*Deposits are non-refundable
**The project will be started based off your spot in line and when the deposit is paid.
***The recipient can change items if they want a different item (if you switch projects, your deposit will go towards the new piece)
****The order details MUST be placed within 2 MONTHS of the recipient receiving the Goodie Bag, and news about designing their own custom piece.
*****If the order details are not submitted to us by you or the recipient within this 2-month window THE CERTIFICATE WILL BE VOID.
(EXAMPLE) If you are taking advantage of this service for Christmas (December 25th) You, or the recipient MUST get ahold of me BY FEBRUARY 25th! Or THE CERTIFICATE WILL BE VOID.


WE ARE HAPPILY BOOKING 2024! Our Books are NEVER "Closed" - We might just not have time to fit you in by a specific deadline. So if you have January birthdays/ anniversaries, or want to plan ahead for Valentines day- GIVE US A CALL!