Portfolios - Bibles - Notebook Covers

Every one of our Notebooks, Legal padfolios, bible covers, and Journals are One-of-a-Kind! Made with it's own unique flavor and style.
The pricing for these particular Items, can range quiet a bit. So pricing will vary drastically, depending on size, tooling, construction, pockets, closures, etc.

A general rule of thumb for *rough pricing on simple covers

Bible covers and books smaller than 8.5x11

Single sided $200-250
Double Sided $350-$400

Legal Padfolios/ Notepad covers for paper apx. 8.5x11

Single sided $300-$350
Double sided $450-500

Extra Large Books/ Scrapbooks Etc. for paper larger that 8.5x11

Single sided $350-$450
Double Sided $550-$650
If you're interested in placing a custom order, visit the 
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