Rifle Slings - Guitar Straps - Specialty Straps

Every single one of our Rifle Slings, and Guitar Straps are One-of-a-Kind! -and made with it's own unique flavor and style.
Rifle Slings, and Guitar Straps are very similar projects to each other. Because of that, they are priced relatively the same, they are both adjustable, and I point all of my customers to look at both for inspiration when ordering.

A general rule of thumb for *rough pricing

Rifle Slings

*Add Padding $25

Guitar Straps


Purse Straps


Fire Fighter Rigs

*Pricing listed is for standard sizing (should accommodate 95% all rifles and guitars)
If you have special requests for sizing, we are happy to accommodate, but this will effect cost
If you're interested in placing a custom order, visit the 
"Placing and order/ Contact Us" tab.