Gun Cases

Every single one of our Rifle + Pistol Cases are One-of-a-Kind! -and made with it's own unique flavor and style.
The pricing for these pieces, can range quiet a bit. So pricing will vary depending on the type and amount of tooling, wither its, single/ double sided, and a few other factors.

Rifle Cases

Single Sided/ No Tooling on Back ($500-600)
Tooled front side - Simple backside ($550-$700)
Tooled Front & Back side ($900-$1200)
 **Add Tooled Handles ($25-$50)

Handgun Cases

Soft Case (Full Leather) Single Sided ($300-$350)
Soft Case (Full Leather) double Sided ($400-$600)
Hard Case ($175-$225)
If you're interested in placing a custom order, visit the 
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