F.A.Q.'s / Additional information / Special Services

How does payment work?

We Take all orders over PHONE CALL to ensure we have the best communication possible. (this is the closest we can get to face-to-face consultations)

While on the consultation call- we will discuss all your options, budget, wants, wishes, ideas, until we both feel comfortable proceeding with the order.


Once we are both happy, and comfortable proceeding, we will require a deposit to hold your spot in line! (Deposits are roughly half of order total)

You will wait your turn in line. We will complete the order as timely as possible while still maintaining the care and quality you expect from our shop


Once your Project is completed we will send photos over for your approval.

Only when you are completely happy with the order, we will require the close out payment (balance) and send your new piece off to you!


*** We accept card payment over the phone, Venmo, and Zelle

How Long Does it take to receive my piece after I place my order?

6-8 Weeks is the typical wait time. However certain times of the year will effect this.

*Late in the year/ Christmas season may take up to 8-10 weeks

**Other times of the year may only take 4-6 Weeks

Each Scenario is dependent on circumstance. This Can be found out more accurately upon placing your Order 


Do I Have to wait 6-8 Weeks to receive my order?

If the waitlist isn’t something you want to hassle with- we offer VIP/ Express services.

We have two options for VIP/ express service


 +25% of total order price

*This service typically takes 3-4 weeks to recieve


 +50% of total order price

*Your project will be started as soon as we finish the project we are currently working on.

***This service typically ships 3-4 days after order is taken


Additional information about our VIP services

*These services require full payment up front instead of our typical half down/ half upon completion payment method

*These services are done out of regular operating hours as to maintain our regular work flow (as to not effect our normal customers patiently waiting in line) This is the primary reason for the upcharge***


Can you Send me the artwork before it's Finished

Short answer... Yes!

We can send proofs upon request!


Full answer***

We have an extensive way of taking your order over the phone, to make sure we are both completely on the same page before we ever take any money from you!

If you insist and REALLY want to see the artwork before completion- There are a few things to consider…


*When placing an order, we will typically send a very rough sketch of ideas to make sure we are both happy with the design

**We DO NOT do full art sketch ups/ drafts without a deposit

***If you want to triple check and verify the art before completion… Once your deposit has been paid, your turn is up, and we start up on your piece- We can send you the art as it is being laid out on the piece of leather.

(If you decide that you want to change any parts of the design, at this point- we will allow/ give you 15 minutes of extra art time to make your requested adjustments.)

ANY REQUESTS beyond that allotted 30 minutes will be added as extra drawing time to the final total of the Piece.


*****We  want to assure you that going over on the “15 minutes extra time” has only happened 2-3 times in our 6+ years in business. We are pretty good at bringing your ideas to life beyond your expectations 😉


I need a gift for somebody! But I missed the deadline, and its too close to the occasion for you to make something in time!

Don’t stress! We have a perfect solution!


Our “Design your own Gift” program works just like a gift card. Only better!


Step 1) The gifter (you) selects the item you want to gift to someone!

          We will discuss pricing options, what you would like to spend, and a rough idea of what the person might want. You pay the deposit (half down) and your spot in line will be saved!


Step 2) You will Receive a M.I.B. goodie bag!  

          This comes with a keychain, sticker, pamphlet and certificate, letting your recipient know they get to design their own custom piece! (This way they still have something to open)


Step 3) They can contact us directly to customize their own custom piece exactly how THEY WANT!

          ***You can be present, or place the finalized order *this does not HAVE to be them.


Step 4) We proceed like a normal order!

          We will complete the project, send photos, and close out when you’re both happy with it!


IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the “Design your own gift” program.

*Deposits are non-refundable

**The project will be started based off of your spot in line and when you placed the deposit, this way the recipient doesn't have to wait 6-8 weeks upon submitting order details

***The recipient can switch items if they want a different item (if you switch projects, your deposit will go towards the new piece)

****The order details MUST be placed within 2 MONTHS of the recipient receiving the Goodie Bag, and news about designing their own custom piece.

*****If the order details are not submitted to us by you or the recipient within this 2-month window THE CERTIFICATE WILL BE VOID.

EXAMPLE) If you are taking advantage of this service for Christmas (December 25th) You, or the recipient MUST get ahold of me BY FEBRUARY 25th! Or THE CERTIFICATE WILL BE VOID.