Custom Belts are one of our signature items we are most well known for! Every one of our Belts are One-of-a-Kind, made with it's own unique flavor and style.


Starting prices for belts start out at...

Floral $270
Tooled Weave $225
Basket / Geometric Stamped $180
Diamond Tuck Pattern $145
Plain/ No tooling $70

Add-ons Include  

Custom figure tooling (Objects, animals, Symbols, etc.)
*pricing will increase depending on the subject matter and quantity

Buck Stitch *$80
Colored Inlay *$35
1.75 tapered to1.5 Inch Belt *+10%
2 tapered to 1.5 Inch Belt *+20%
Rhinestones, inlays, exotic materials, and other custom ad-ins are on a case by case basis *contact for pricing


If you're interested in placing a custom order, visit the 

"Placing and order/ Contact Us" tab.