Wildest Shop in the West

5 minutes after signing the lease on our Shop Space.                                                                                                           First day moved in.

Me, and Johnny the Boy wonder about to drop a mixtape.                                                     The Man in Black Leather Studio social event

Had to call in reinforcements (my dad) to help through the                                             Supply run on my Oregon Hiatus 2018                                         

2020 Christmas rush.                                                                                      


Tapping away on tiny details.                              Rise and shine! nothing like an early morning in the shop. 

Making sure Johnny stays on track. NO SLACKING!                 Nothing much... just loading a saddle into the back of a Maserati

I need a little tiiiiiime off for bad behavior.                                            Weekly Post Office run Christmas 2020

Tooling my little heart out.                                Johnny and I getting after it!

Social Night- good people, good tunes, good times!